1) – Your body is telling you that it Is not happy.

The world is gradually getting more toxic, and we with it.

The chemicals that we are washed in are messing with all of us.

Not all get women their periods disordered, by you have.

Men are becoming more feminised and women finding themselves with excess estrogenic tissue/messages.

Your body has responded with endometriosis.

2) – Start your own research.

Start undoing your entire health catastrophe today.

This is not just about your periods.

You are the one who suffers.

You are the one who wants a permanent change.

3) Period App

My Period App will give you to all answers at your fingertips on most aspects of being a woman
– especially the emotional and the ways you can help yourself.

Relax, enjoy, and be at peace with being woman – that is what/who you are.

4) – Start with Iodine

It is highly likely that your problems are due to a lack of iodine.

Easily tested – paint some aqueous Iodine solution on your belly and watch it disappear. Instantly often.

Find out more in my FREE Iodine ebook

5) – Safe intimate care products.

To actually clear endometriosis up permanently you need more than just something that soaks up discharges.

Most products available in the shops are bleached to look white using toxic chemicals.

I have found that by getting women to use these Safe Intimate Care products has alone repaired their problem periods.

Cut out what is creating the mess. Seriously.

Read more about toxic intimate care products.

Watch the interesting demos here – ‘normal’ pads and tampons shown up against what really works.

The Drion pads are dry all the time, absorb far more and are SAFE.

There no chemicals leaking back into your body to cause more problems.

6) –Zeolites

Investigate the liquid activated zeolites as they pull out a lot of what has leaked into your body – safely and effectively.

7) – You need to know how your body really works.

See ‘Cold is Not A Woman’s Friend and Menstrual Rescue’

‘The Human Matrix shows you how it all fits together.

Please find a natural health care person to tend to your whole being . . .
especially start up a relationship with anyone who does the Mayan abdominal massage

This will make an incredible difference to your being.
You will learn how to look after yourself.

Also see the self-care information on heathersays.com – and follow all the inks there.

Simplify your life, be closer to nature.

Practice gratitude mantras/moments/thoughts

Live only this moment, as it is the only one you have.

Look to the alignment of all that is in and around you. Is the pain/upset mirroring this?

You may have in the past just taken for granted what is going on
– without knowing that there is usually a very simple and easy solution
– just not necessarily found within the ‘tool box’ of the average medical specialist
– as they have different strengths and tools for these.

Please read on to see why what I suggest will work for you.

Get the Women’s Vitality eBook package here.

Or start with the information on Simple-natural-solutions.com

and check out what I have on Endometriosis solutions specially for you.

The eBook covers:

  • what endo is,
  • how it is see through natural health models –and
  • how easily you can transform your life when you know how to stop it in its tracks, and
  • how to heal back to your template.

I also have a section of the standard medical view and my ‘voice’ speaking to you from the pages as you go through

– so you can see how the orthodox approach is missing the obvious.

From there you will find what you can do to stop feeling so helpless and hopeless.

See how simple and safe undoing what is/has been happening to you could be.


  • Make friends with your major chemical detoxing unit/ hormonal laboratory
  • Become more liver friendly in all life choices.
  • (No place here for caffeine/alcohol/nicotine or replacements/sweet addictions)
  • Food factory
  • Eat to repair and rebuild, not to satisfy emotional cravings
  • Supplement your diet with natural healing substances
  • Drink plenty of clean non-chilled water to flush out what is ready to leave.
  • Clean and safe
  • Choose everything natural.
  • Use safe intimate care products.
  • Detox using easy and life friendly remedies
  • Let go what is holding you back
  • Undo your past – heal your present and future.
  • Express yourself especially to your intimate partner – and become thus less stuck in all aspects of your life. Become more rested and happy
  • Let the energy/Qi flow
  • Move more – get heaps of exercise whilst breathing clean air
  • Turn all sexual encounters into orgasmic events
  • To do list
  • Download the Period App from here
  • Remove unwanted chemicals from your body
  • Use safe intimate care products.
  • Flush out by drinking pure and body temperature water
  • Become a more physically active person
  • Undo what does not serve you
  • Find and paint iodine on your skin – a little daily  (read my FREE iodine eBook)
  • Start taking liquid activated zeolites to gently and effectively remove past toxic substances to allow the nutrients you chose to eat to get where you need them most.

Nourish yourself

Find a source of replenishing foods, and enjoy feeding your body

Love being woman!!!!

Self care

Find a Mayan massage therapist to show you self-care and start the vaginal steaming and castor oil packs.

All wise woman’s business often lost in our busy technological worlds.

Simple and natural will take you back to perfect functioning.