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Living Well

living_wellThis is a valuable set of life tools, incorporating my life long experience in working and teaching natural healing and common sense and energy ideas all of which will set you on your own personal path of wellness.

How to massage yourself and your loved ones to get flows happening well again.

Includes the Free Yourself package seen below

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Hyperemesis Solutions

You do not need one more minute feeling revolting!
NO drugs needed
Fix why your stomach is in revolt!!
Best get the package – see here – as once you find out the answer – so simple – how could it have been there in plain sight?

How to have a very healthy pregnancy, baby and gut – work with not against your energy and your body will thank you

Here is what works!!

Help yourself

Easy BabiesFertility

The easy answers to why you are even reading this.

It also answers questions you did not know to ask.

Is it really about your age?

Could it him?

Do you both need  to be healthier/ happier?

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Easy Babies  Pregnancy


What to give your baby and yourself the very best start?

Being more aware of consequences and how to improve all that is happening – start possibly withe the Pregnancy Map, as this is our entire life template.

Coming in with a problem? Morning sickness, apparent gestational diabetes, pregnancy back pain, no energy, unsure of all the interventions and if they are even safe?

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Easy Babies Birthing

eb3-birthing-pkgEvery aspect of easy birthing and how to get here is within.

Different from the ‘What Dad Can Do’ package – this is the expansion -with stories included for those who want to know all they can do and why.

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Complete Pregnancy/Birthing Care pack (e-version)

wdcd_plus_birthingThis is the ‘glove box manual (for a woman’s body) for him to understand just how much he can do and how amazingly his simple touch is, and how he can be your epidural when the time comes – all so safe and easy and at your fingertips!!

This is the eversion of the hard copies (still available).
All works on all easy, safe and ready for you now. Covers the acupuncture energy model along with the bodywork I have honed over the past few decades.

Now with also the eBook pregnancy and birthing packages – the most effective way to have the easy pregnancy and birth and a happy family you wish for.

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Women’s Vitality Package

womens_vitality_packageHow to enjoy being woman.

How to live and bleed easily.

Go through the women’s cycle of life and gracefully – full of helpful hints and life changing ideas. Including massage work.

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Men’s Vitality Package

mens_vitality_packageAll needed at every phase and stage of a man’s life – to run his sexuality, his reproductive capacity and all his energy flows – especially to his back and legs and prostate – perfectly.






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 Free Yourself

free_yourself3dStuck in habits?

Can’t seem to break free?

Old worn out ways of being hold energy patterns stuck, not letting you flow through your life as well as you want to.

2 meditation tracks (guided and very soothing) as MP3’s.A workbook to allow you to see life through the personality cage and how to undo yours.

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