wdcd-on-desk‘What Dads Can Do’

A comprehensive guide for Dads-to-be/birth partners-to-be, encouraging action in all aspects of women’s health, pregnancy and birthing areas.
With this you also get the moxa sticks to use in all the work outlined.

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Living In Itliving_in_it-cover

Using mainly the acupuncture model, the reader is taken on a journey through the well body and how it functions. The second part of the text explains with how life creates its own record of events on top of our blueprint. The third part aims to give the seeker the tools to change, armed with information from each side of the continuum of life.
ONLINE ONLY – the hard copies (pub originally 2002 ) are all sold out.

Living as Energy

Living-as-Energy-3d-shadow“Living as Energy” was designed as an owner’s manual to assist those who find themselves slightly puzzled living their lives framed only within the physical context.

Now as various extensive ebooks

as ONLINE ONLY – the hard copies (pub originally 2002 ) are all sold out.




Complete Pregnancy/Birthing Care pack

Get Heather’s definitive guide to women’s health, pregnancy, birthing and beyond with the Massage DVD that is inside the back cover.

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Heather’s Birthing DVD – now as online easy links – as part of the package.