Inner-AlchemyInner Alchemy

How a well body is designed to work.
All the factors involved through my ‘common’ sense take on an East Asian medical model
What happens when it starts being abused through neglect/mismanagement
How to heal yourself through paying attention.

NOTE – only ONE line is about what you put in your mouth


unfolding-jing-posterTransforming Life Experience into Wisdom (Unfolding Jing)

How we develop/mature and ‘age’
The stages of life and how we can improve our blueprint, as time takes us through the our life seasons.
If wanting to understand how to make a better life for yourself and the babies that you have or wish to make – a must.

You may ask – what is Jing?
(Your life capital bequeathed through your parents’ foundations for you)


reunion_posterReunion: Healing Breath

This is a great beginning into letting go emotionally.

The meditation pictures found on Heather’s site show the story as you are walked through releasing all that is wound up in your energy fields, previously making it very difficult to forgive and move on.

This poster is companion to Heather’s Reunion: Healing Breath – Guided Meditation soundtracks.