Why is my IVF not working?


Trying for a baby?
Not parents yet?

There will be a reason

Like many others, you may have spent years of your life, and tens of thousands of dollars on IVF and you are still NOT PREGNANT?

Or you have had many harrowing false starts and just don’t know if you can cope with the trauma?

Or every other medical person has found another ‘excuse’ – but you may think – people used to have one false move and there they were pregnant AGAIN!! What has happened?

Maybe you both are just not well enough YET

  • Has anyone gone looking – or have you been following the current path to financial ruin and heartbreak – believing all the medical excuses trotted out and held onto as if they were facts?
  • Starting from two healthy parents is what farmers do. They would go broke if they used any old sperm in a broken down breeder.
  • Why are people any different?
  • You surely want the most perfect baby you can.
  • Not made from any old sperm, but the best possible.
  • Does your fertility specialist know how to easily, safely and vastly improve sperm motility, normality and strength for fertility?
  • It is so easy – get dad healthy. Outside the medical profession’s scope of practice. What all natural healers help your body to do.
  • Mum – are her periods and health perfect? If not – how does she expect to have an easy pregnancy and life after baby – let alone – who is thinking – WHAT ABOUT THE BABY?

It is as easy as cleaning up what you eat/what you do/how you live

No one makes money – but you will feel better and the baby you then make will be a dream come true. Or you could do what medicine assumes is ‘OK’ – hope for the best . .   look at all the miscarriages and reliance on scans and fetal testing and then worrying mums-to-be about possible problems – with no mention of why they are happening and how to fix them.

Is all this drama what you want?

Stop the madness – make a perfect baby every time – as many as you want –

just like your forebears – they were all trying to NOT get pregnant – AGAIN!!

What has changed?

Look for answers – babies follow the path of healthy happy parents.

(Yes – it is work and you get the rewards – like running to train for a marathon)

Who makes $$ from your not making babies – everyone.

Stop the madness and start looking for answers. They are right here.

Sex makes babies – and if not – there is a problem waiting to be found – not medical excuses . .

‘Why your IVF/Baby making may not be Working’ 

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Once you have tasted what I have in ‘Why Is My IVF Not Working?’ here – you will want it all – this maybe the very first time you are in front of the reasons why you are not ‘with child’.