What Dads Can Do – a Manual for Partners of Pregnant Women

wdcd-on-deskA ‘how to’ wellness guide offering practical easily incorporated tips, and massage and touching techniques that improve all aspects of life and living within a pregnant body.

This book is a manual for anyone – Dad is the focus – but any family, or loved one – including the birthing team – as this is LIFE – not medical . .  encouraging  action in all aspects of a woman’s health, pregnancy and birthing areas.

Written for the Dad-to-be; it is equivalent of a car  ’glove box’ manual for the mother of his child. All by following step by step the stages found in this revolutionary new style of health care aimed at couples helping themselves. In the recent past, dads were essential to allow easy birthing . .

Here my husband (and father of 3) talks with new dad – Chris.

Speaking to the differences/expectations in dad’s role in preparing to meet loved newborn.

  • Beginning – 40 +year’s ago ..
  • 3.40 – This decade

What one dad said . .
Chris explains how he changed the course of his next baby’s birth . .

4 breeches – last birth – easy natural after 2 prior C sections

All you can do yourselves. With the information found in ‘What Dads Can Do’ – and follow all in the charts also as part of the package.

What did this Dad do?


INCLUDED  2 MP 4 files 

Massage – What Dads Can Do – from klutz to expert.
Birthing – What Dads Can Do . . YOU become her epidural . .

Learn all of this and so much more . ..


It is designed with the pregnant, or attempting to become pregnant couple, in mind.

Until now there has been very little information written for Dad, directed to Dad, explaining how he can actively assist his partner through this exciting time in their lives.

  • Want to do more, know why, affect changes?
  • Not happy to leave it all to chance?
  • Perhaps you want more, or different answers from what you have been getting.
  • Perhaps pregnancy is a breeze, or maybe the birth holds some misgivings.
  • Want to know how you can positively and effectively alter what might happen?

Here is your manual explaining what is normal pregnancy and what to do to return her body to perfect functioning. Amalgamating common sense, practical wisdom and decades of clinical research across several different health care modalities.

Written as a problem solver – what are we faced with/wanting to change? Find that page and start reading – plenty of pictures, diagrams – and extensive cross referencing.  I have condensed my over four decades in providing natural health care solutions to all – including ‘high risk’ pregnant women into these 268 pages, complete with the massage DVD, all comprehensively indexed. A list of recommended reading and web addresses is also included.

What you will learn:

  • How to live better in any body – by following what the body needs.
  • How to make her pregnancy and her body easy to live in.
  • How to make the birthing simple and your early parenting through easy breast feeding and sleeping well.
  • The simple way to easy babies – encouraging normal at all steps along your path to parenthood.

A message from Heather:

I sincerely wish I had had this with me whilst I was growing my children.

It would have made an extraordinary difference to my life as a new mother and for me in my body now.

I wrote it so others did not have such trials I encountered in doing what should come so naturally – having babies.

See sample pages from What Dads Can Do:

Feedback from readers:

‘Pregnancy is too valuable a time for a woman to be left in the hands of strangers. Douglas, Tasmania

‘An amazingly thorough and awesome gift of knowledge and wisdom’. —Kaliana Rose Byron Bay, Australia

‘I wish every woman could have a copy of this book. I have used it so many times now I don’t leave home without it, just in case I should come across a pregnant woman. It has helped me understand how to keep my body in balance emotionally and physically, and it validates my own intuitions time and time again. All those conditions people will tell you are ‘common’ – I have known in my heart are actually symptoms of my body asking for help, asking me to change in some way, heal in some way.  Finally with ‘What Dads Can Do’ I  found a manual to show me HOW to change, HOW to heal, that my instincts are valid and my baby deserves the attention it is requesting through my body.’  Sue, northern NSW


Helping yourself out of the tight spots – when no other healing has . .


‘What Dad Can Do’  is an easy to follow practical resource.
I cannot recommend it highly enough to parents, midwives, doctors and anyone in contact with pregnant women. My partner and I have successfully referred to this book and its detailed, step by step instructions for myself and friends many times – prenatal massage, constipation, digestive upsets, nausea and post-birth internal scarring.

Using the methods in this manual (massage and moxa) helped my body to heal itself heal, over a year after my first birth. The previously the wounded (unstitched) perineal preventing normal sexual relations was within a month perfect again!!!

In my last pregnancy I experienced a threatened miscarriage at 17 weeks. With guidance from Heather through this book – put into action with simple techniques, and a faith in my body’s ability to heal itself, I was then confident of my baby’s health and well-being. A perfect pregnancy and birth followed by using this manual as our ‘go to’ practical fix it ourselves’ guide. —Kerri Anne, country Victoria, Australia

Not just in pregnancy . . .

‘What Dads Can Do’ was a great help for us, even though we were pretty busy before baby’s birth. Unfortunately I didn’t read it a lot until the last trimester as we found out she was breach presentation. In the end baby was determined to stay breech, and we had a beautiful water birth at home.

My husband found the book very good after bub was born. In the first few weeks after her birth he really focused his attention on making a beautiful environment for us as a family, and my time to bond with her and to rest my body.  He also found the book really useful when I suffered a bout of mastitis in her third week. It helped both of us understand the importance of rest, rest and more rest!

Thanks for producing such a great resource. The index in the back is particularly useful, as are the page references throughout. —Emma, Brisbane, Austraiis

This is seriously TOO Easy . .
You can rescue your own birth and lives as this couple did.

Make life simple – open her baby gate!



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The entire kit – all instantly downloadable – this is eBooks and tracks

1 x What Dads can Do manual – covering all aspects of a pregnancy past easy breastfeeding and how to achieve this

2 x MP4’s – massage and birthing – What Dads Can Do – your hands, your future – your lives
12 x eBooks – covering such diverse topics as why you avoid all cold exposure to easy birthing preparation – get baby in the sweet spot to birth well – so there no induction needed.

23 x charts . . practical easy reference (always works)

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You WILL find all you need to bring forth new life – and to birth easily – how-to’s  easily.