Supercharge Your Sperm!

SuperChargeYourSperm-3dMens’ fertility is plummeting. How you can reverse this and make great babies easily – naturally!

There are answers out there (see the brother book in this package – Research into Improving Sperm Quality.

Sperm quality improves dramatically and quickly when general health and vitality is improved. What is there to lose? (Besides coffees, cokes, beer, smokes and not feeling great). Bonus – drop all your medications for whatever the GP says is needed – as you get well as well as make better sperm- sound too good to be true?

Fertility is a measure of your health – and improving this – not managing symptoms – will make a much better baby – whether you still need ART or not – it is still your sperm that makes your children . ..

Whilst it is still thought medically (no drug or surgery) that there is NOTHING that could be done to improve sperm, ignoring the man’s immense contribution is not what any farmer would do.

The quality of a stud is crucial

No farmer would NOT have the best stud bull/ram/stallion/ram he could afford

So why is PATERNAL condition and age not considered, given there are studies showing how toxicity builds up in the sperm generating cells, meaning HIS advanced age is more likely to make a chromosomally damaged baby?

The Men’s Vitality Package contains this eBook and Research into Improving your sperm quality.

Better health : better fertility: better pregnancies : better babies

IVF is being considered way before the prospective parents’ own health problems are turned back to perfect health. Sex should be automatically making babies – that is what it is for after all! Both of you could stop and consider the QUALITY of the children you wish to have.

Better health : better fertility: better pregnancies : better babies

• Are you both in amazing good health?
• Both as well as you have ever been before embarking on the making of another person?
• What is this baby to be made from?

(This has been covered in the sister eBook – Helping Mother Nature – a Fertility Guide).

Instead of feeling personal affront at being thwarted by Mother Nature, both of you (not just her) could embark on a conscious journey to better babies. A preconception package. Much like the planning before you build or buy a house.

When she does conceive, she will more likely have a perfect pregnancy with no need to be tested and scanned to see if baby is progressing as desired – of course baby is perfect – you made the effort when it counts – long  BEFORE baby is made. You started with the right foundations – health – not desperation!!

Find out how stress and life changes make huge impacts on your sperm – and how you can easily reverse these – regardless of what reproductive choices you are to make – you still need the best sperm possible to start a baby off – and you can only do this once – at the start.

Sample pages:

sperm researchpp55-56

This is part of a wider Fertility Package


So many factors to consider – just as with her eggs and quality baby ‘nest’ – you make sperm from what is left over after running your body – and these days – maybe we may need to start at the beginning .




‘Supercharge Your Sperm’ is also found in the Men’s Vitality packagemens_vitality_package

Chose which is right for you – as there is way too much to share in one eBook.

For not much more investment – you get an entire set that answers a lot of questions that you had not thought to ask yet!