Birthing – What Dads Can Do (DVD)

Birthing-WDCD-coverBirthing – What Dads Can Do (DVD)

Also available for instant download here as an MP 4 file

I am often asked what is the logo?
Mum, dad and baby – and their soul stars . . .In silhouette.

We have such precious time together – hopefully making baby and then bringing baby out – together it is a dance of love – make it so – here is your instructions – undo all in her pelvic and baby will then have an easy time coming out!!
No pain needed – just loving preparation for several weeks or months before hand – along with the tender loving care that such intimacy will bring.

Also – an indication of why pain could be there and what to do to minimise, how to use moxa (source from any Chinese shop or acupuncturists – make sure it is the smoky, not the smokeless variety as it doesn’t do the same thing at all) and get to it!!

All back ache and pelvic girdle pan and neck and shoulder tension and the sciatica – all gone!!! All digestive troubles melt away – and no need for C section as the placenta works perfectly, baby is in the optimal spot and all is well.

Why would you not spend the time leading up to baby coming getting ready?
Easy birthing, easy breastfeeding, easy baby and very happy home!!