Living as Energy ebook

‘Living As Energy’ is a small pictorial manual showing you why that your thinking that you are doing ‘everything right’ is just not working for you – as you only have one piece of the puzzle! It may answer some of the mysteries of living in a physical body. Extending your framework into the realms of living as what we are – points of pure light within fields of energy, encased in physical matter.

“Living as Energy” – written in 2002 to answer my question – ‘How can I help patients understand how they can help themselves”. Assisting them with their challenges – they can help if they know how they are breaking themselves  .

Through my eyes (senior acupuncture teacher) – what makes this body tick – “Living as Energy” is
designed as an owner’s manual to assist those who find themselves slightly puzzled living their lives.

Sightly different model . .
We are not just a body.

We are more than the bits that we feel and can touch.
There are also the instructions that run us.

Electricity if you like.
Well beyond the medical realm that only speaks of the bits.
Let’s journey into real life.


Spiritual beings having a human experience.