Living In It (ebook)


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Not found anywhere else – a wise woman’s guide to easy womanhood – a healer’s version of how to be happy within a woman’s body !!

You may have been trying to work out how it is so difficult to be free and all flowing within you – so all is easy – here are the instructions. Learn how to live with grace and love being woman.

  • How to live in your body
  • Why you need to eat,
  • What eating does,
  • How you bleed easily as a woman
  • What stops this from being simple.
    Why you may be experiencing all that is upsetting your cycle
  • What to do about it.

Originally designed for Heather’s patients to understand how easy it is to live as a woman – and what to do to get the most from the experience.
Simple, natural and easy solutions are obvious when you know how it all is to work.

Divided into three aspects –

  1. – Honoring Our Source (the digestive system and the Blood energy Heather speaks of constantly – how to improve its quality, and what importance it is to all women (crucial). The second section –

2) – Honoring Our Bleeding explains women’s moon tide years

3) – Honoring OurSelves – who, and what we really are – and how this has been shaped by being born woman.

You may know that acupuncture and Chinese medicine work really well with ‘women’s issues. You may wonder the bases of how it can be so effective at returning your flows to perfect. How endometriosis and other apparently hard conditions are so simple when living well – how can the few needles resolve such a mess?

When you work WITH your body – all is possible..

Mainly in diagrammatic form this easy to read flip through aspects that you may have never thought of will start you on a very personal journey of opening your eyes to all of who you are and can be. Enjoy!!!

Sample pages:

Honouring Our Source

we have to eat and why.








Honouring Our Bleeding

How it is that women are different to men. What runs us as women – and how to maximise our fun in being in a woman’s body.






Honouring OurSelves

(Why we are here and what we can do to uncover our life path – making sense of the ‘life’ we have had to date.

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