Birthing mp4

Birthing-WDCD-coverI am often asked what is the logo?
Mum, dad and baby – and their soul stars . . .In silhouette.

Complete your pregnancy with this highly effective birth preparation/education kit and comfort boost for couples.

  • Get instant relief from all late pregnancy aches and pains – including back pain, carpal tunnel, pubic symphysis and sciatica – all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn what to do in labour to effectively become essentially her epidural. (So she does not need the ‘real ‘ version).
  • Learn how using moxa (a Chinese herbal technique, safe and effective) and simple massage /acupressure can transform the birthing journey.
  • Support her in practical ways – besides preparing for easy birthing, encourage the correct positioning of baby – even turn a breech baby, Bl 67 and how to turn baby and why you would from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.encourage baby to ‘drop’, enhance placental circulation to assist fetal growth and birthing readiness, and how to increase her milk supply.

See the full 1 Hour 12 minutes video NOW: