Monthly Cycles


Simple natural solutions to help you on your journey towards healing. Careful!! All that you thought was true may be up for revision.

To be reading this, you are either bothered by some aspect of your bleeding, or you wish to know more to ensure normal happens.

This is a LIFE manual – to enhance your quality of life. You may need to take on board different concepts to understand all written within. By using a more holistic approach, than that used in mainstream medicine, you can see that living life and having periods can be much easier for those who follow the body’s instructions and help it to heal, rather than try to force it to comply.

Stepping well away from the idea that it is someone else’s responsibility to magically fix you means that YOU are responsible for what you do after you have read this.

The topics covered in the book:

Here in easy-to-understand language you will see what your periods should be like, and how any diversion from normal may be an indication of things that need attention.

  • Basics for a healthy period (good Blood and QI production and circulation)
  • Jing (‘DNA’/genetic factors and how you can improve upon them)
  • Blood – (far more than just the red stuff that leaks out)
  • Emotions
  • What us ‘Stress’ and what to do about it?
  • Stuck Liver Qi
  • Heat and hot blood
  • Our Blueprint – the biological hard wiring
  • 7 ages of woman
  • Week by week menstrual changes
  • Factors affecting aging
  • Endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids
  • Pain explained
  • Sexuality
  • Menstrual Self Help
  • Hormonal Disruption – what is behind all the menstrual upsets
  • Solutions

Maybe a good idea to invest in your easy life as a woman here . . .