Maternal Age vs Baby Readiness

The secret

If you change your health – your fertility improves

maternal age 3dFertility and indeed baby success it is NOT about your calendar age, but how well you are inside. That magic AMH test is not showing what is really happening.

You probably thought this was a medical issue and have spent years and a lot of grief seeing those who do not look at health but disease as a job, and who are surgeons, not farmers, not even gardeners. If they were they would have started at the beginning.

This is alarming to all who were trying to NOT get pregnant a few short decades ago. Why is no one actually looking at what is happening in the world?
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You may have been told (once extensive work to mess with your head, body and  bank account) that you need someone else’s eggs – and essentially baby. Think  ingredients – good sperm, easy living, happy sex and healthy couples. Sound like you? Perhaps review all in my natural fertility problem solving app here.

No medical specialist can help you with this. Not their scope of practice. You want to be well – your ‘ovarian reserve’ is nothing more than a report of your current health – and you know you don’t feel vital and alive…better health – better fertility – easier pregnancy – better babies.

You can become younger and more fertile

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