How a Well Body Supports Life

Often it seems as though although you do ‘everything right’ it is not enough.

Here I explain in simple terms, using the Chinese medical framework – how to help yourself through knowing how a well body works.

Over the past nearly four decades I have seen this used for successfully in my life and that of all around me as they may decide to shift their behaviour as nothing else seems to be working.

Whilst I now work as a Mayan/Arvigo® therapist this information is equally as valid. The physical body we inhabit has an equally valid energy model.

All traditional world systems passed their own versions of this down through the generations in oral form.

What you see here is not the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of the physical process of digestion as seen in a medical text, but about the processes that support entire body wellness.

Knowing what lies beneath allows you to then make conscious choices.