Helping Mother Nature make better babies

Make the best baby you can

  1. Whether you think you need external help from the IVF team,
  2. or whether you are ‘having a break’ from this,
  3. or whether you have not even started ‘trying’ yet

Have confidence in what you have made – start from perfect sperm, eggs and thus parental health. No need to get scans before letting all know you are ‘safely’ pregnant – insure against loss – stat with all the best ingredients – stunning sperm health and luscious menstrual cycles.

Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss – find out why some have to go down this route – avoid it yourself – start from healthy breeding readiness.

If baby-making has been hard, I invite you, please, stop and take stock of your situation. What is nature trying to tell you? A better baby through improving the ingredients (mum and dad health)? Of course look to the sperm . .

Is IVF not working for you? Or you do not want to even try that?

Helping Mother Nature – a natural fertility guide

Change what you are doing – and what you get will change too

Take a farmer’s look at yourselves – and remodel life

Babes will follow when you tidy up their intended foundation and ‘nest’!!

Better health: better fertility: better babies

Easily, cheaply and effectively in your own home

This 270 page wonder book (easily read with heaps of diagrams and large font) includes also Super Charge Your Sperm – for him to personally help make a better baby. A separate eBook – Research into Improving Male Fertility is also available in this package.

See a sample page here: my clinical secrets are out – most  do not even know this – much less tell you what to work on yourselves!! Learn what all these supposedly unrelated to fertility markers actually mean!!


For your better health and that of your next baby, please start here

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