Healthy Eating in pregnancy

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

What to eat to get ready for a great pregnancy?  What to eat to transform how you feel from being ill to being a pregnant superwoman?

How to alter the course of where you are now to making a better baby? (All health challenges are repaired through what you eat – find out what you can do to reverse all apparently hopeless (according to medical specialists)pregnancy woes).

It is so easy – follow nature and what all traditional cultures found.

Simple, natural and easy

Why not go back into traditional cultures, where babies were easy, birthing was straightforward – and where all had great teeth and sturdy bodies. . .

How did they do this? not with vitamins and professional healers but through what they put in their mouths.

You can heal yourself, improving your future health – and your baby so simply . .

Discover also:

  • The temperature of what you eat is important.
  • The timing between meals can make all the difference.

What will help this? (Protein, fat and loads of veggies, along with plenty of pure water).

How to avoid problems late in pregnancy and fix those coming on?
Change what is being eaten.

Make the best breast milk possible? Same recipe.