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Avoiding-Life-Long-Birth-Injuries-3d-200Avoiding Life Long Birth Related Health Injuries

Everywhere ice is offered – in the water, on your brow, on your wounds and of course is what all stick in their water to ‘value add’ it.
Here you will find out why not to = and how this one simple thing can make such a difference to your life.
Remember all the ‘old wives’ tales’?

The folk lore is all about staying warm and having nothing to do with cold exposure . .
Ever wondered why?
It wrecks your life force.
In almost 100% of people coming in to see me my first job is to take out what is not supposed to be there – the cold that has invaded and is staying out – undoing your health.
Please download and then go onto here to see how you can undo what is currently messing with perfect for you.

Take out what is slowing all down in your body – and what you may have been ordered to do by your physio or doctor – they do not have your long term best interests at heart – cold stops flows and circulation is what keeps the body running . .

(Here I share what was home remedies in Asia before the out sourcing of wellness information happened)

Home help to-do-it-yourself





Cold Damages Your Health (Precis)


Your missing piece of the health puzzle!

Cold applied anywhere in the body may have lasting consequences.

Energy changes for a better life

energy-3dThe orthodox medical model you are used to is a very small part of what we need to investigate if we want to make changes, or understand the role of health and illness.
‘No energy’ is usually: it is stuck and needs liberating.


Iodine – ingredient for life

iodine-3dThere is an epidemic of Iodine deficiency – one that affects all of us.

Our modern environment contains increased amounts of competing halides.

Look no further than your water tap, your electronic devices, the foods you eat, and the air that you must breathe (outgassed toxic substances) – to know that you are in trouble.

Stress – What it Does to You

stress-what it does to you 3dFind out how your body is reacting to stress and how it might beaffecting your ability to cope.



Simple Detoxing Solutions

Detoxing-3d copyHow to work out the detox maze?

Simple detoxing solutions translates Heather’s decades of clinical natural healing and acupuncture experience into a usable form for the interested person.

Your motivation will guarantee your great result – be it freedom from headaches, gut issues, thyroid and metabolism woes, infertility or cancer.