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everything_pkg_smlThese eBooks are normally only available as separate packages


Pregnancy and


For a short time only, Heather is making all these eBooks available to you for the price of a single package.

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Whilst you may not need all of these right now, most people go through all the stages, or find a friend/relation who is – you can share them about.

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Here is what you will get:

General through all stages of life

  1. The-Human-Matrix-3dThe Human Matrix – how your body was made – all the factors that went into making you, you.
  2. cold-is-not-your-friend-3dCold is NOT your Friend – find out how you have been shooting yourself in the foot all this time you thought you were helping yourself!!
  3. helping-yourself-3dHelping Yourself to Better Health & Vitality – how simple changes through understanding how a day is measured in your body – working with, not against Nature, can make all the difference in everything!
  4. stress-what it does to you 3dStress – what it does to you – as simple as see ing what you can do to change what is happening .. .really!
  5. Detoxing-3d copyDetoxing – the simple way – through encouraging your body to work optimally
  6. reunion_posterReunion – Guided Meditation tracks (2 x soundtracks)
  7. getting out of own way-3dGetting Out of Your Own Way – how you can alter common personality reactivity and traits through letting go what no longer serves you – gracefully and with love.

Fertility specific

  1. helping_mother_nature-3dHelping Mother Nature – a natural fertility guide – where to start so you know how easy it all is – without outside helpers.
  2. mqb-cover-3dMaking Quality Babies – start with the best and you get the best!
  3. maternal age 3dMaternal Age and Baby Readiness- inner changes in a well pregnancy – just what to do to undo the marching of time.  Yes you can!
  4. WhyIVFnotworking-3dWhy your IVF may not be working – maybe go back to basics.
  5. Sperm3dSupercharge Your Sperm! – then see the babies appear – maybe this is all you ever needed to do. look after him and the sperm look after the babies you so desperately want.
  6. improving_sperm_quality-3dResearch into Improving Sperm Quality – want backs up my 100% in NZ made couples into families claims?
  7. epl-3dAvoiding Early Pregnancy Loss – start with the best, and then there is no need for testing. Making babies is what sex is all about.

Pregnancy specific

eating in pregnancy3d

  1. Healthy Eating in Pregnancy – sounds simple – it is. Eat to grow perfect mum and baby.
  2. morning-sickness-solutions-3dMorning Sickness Solutions – no need to ever feel nausea or start vomiting in response to being pregnant.
  3. Hyperemesis-Gravidarum-3dHyperemesis Gravidarum – for those whose pregnancy is a nightmare – there are answers – and they are all effective, safe and they really work.
  4. gestational-diabetes-3dGestational Diabetes Solutions – perhaps back up and read the Healthy Eating in Pregnancy and follow what people did when GD was never thought of – eat for life, not habit or taste.
  5. back_pain_in_pregnancy-3dBack pain in pregnancy – easily resolved – in all cases – with home application – hence the moxa book is also a part of this package. What is moxa? Find out.
  6. relieving_aches_and_pains_in_pregnancy3dRelieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains – any, and all pain is not healthy in pregnancy. Ind out why you have it and what to do to correct this body warning. Not wait till baby comes – make a better body now, so you don’t hurt!
  7. moxa-in-pregnancy-3DMoxa in pregnancy – a crucial part of your pregnancy well being and rescue for all conditions – safe, practical and easy to use.

Birthing specific

fetal_positioning-3d copy

  1. Fetal Positioning Solutions – baby needs to be optimally aligned – find out how and why – esp if you know baby is back to your back (OP) or lying n your right side . .. and of course lateral and breech positions also
  2. breech_solutions 3dBreech Solutions – instead of signing up for a C section – why not investigate why baby is more comfortable being  not necessarily in the perfect birthing position ..
  3. ebp-cover-3dEasy Birth Preparation – says it all – what you an your partner can do to have an easy birth

Women’s health specific

  1. Living-In-It-3dLiving in It – the eBook version of a hard cover book I wrote for patients who want to know easily how to run their bodies, remove hassle from their lives – and their bleeding  ..
  2. Monthly-Cycles-3dMonthly Cycles – what a good period is, and what it means to not have
  3. menstrual-rescue-3dMenstrual Rescue – an extension of above – PCOS? Endometriosis? Cyclic problems of any variety? Help is in your hands . .
  4. womens_unblock3d--shadowUnblocking your natural flows – Lymphatic Drainage – what to do at home – and how to transform your life.
  5. Pelvic-opening-3dPelvic Opening – The Healing Power of Touch – more of the same – front and back of body done and life flows begin again – for fertility, better periods, reduction of cellulite, back pain gone, and all that ails free movement of a vibrant body!!

Men’s health specific

(Of course the two sperm enhancement books are part of the fertility package above)

  1. restoring-natural-flows-3dReleasing your natural flows – Lymphatic & Prostatic Drainage – the male version of the number 4 above. Esp geared for all prostate, male sexual and fertility problems.
  2. wake_up_legs-butt-3dWake Up your legs – Liberate Your Butt! – The male version of the pelvic opening book above – all leg problems – peripheral neuropathy from whatever source, compartment syndrome, old sporting or life injuries and the joint replacement operations that have messed with mobility – start here and feel the difference!

Soon to be broken down to individual packages for a greater cost – invest in your future now and get started on your personal road to well being – at home at your fingertips.

Start reading how you were made and the influences, long forgotten that are still playing out in your every thought and action in The Human Matrix to how you can change your behaviours/emotional patterns in Getting Out of Your Own Way and how to help your partners’ lack of sexual oomph! or massive back aching here – something for everyone – including your dad’s prostate woes . . or sister’s period hassles.