Easy Babies – Birthing

eb3-birthing-pkgDo you want an easy, undisturbed birth?

As in running for a marathon – you can improve your chances of this through preparation. A simple, natural process – gentle couple work to help her to open up to the possibilities of an open pelvis and exceptional bonding with her man at birth – as she sinks totally into being present as he eases all troubles away with his massage touch –  and baby as s/he emerges into your arms – wherever you choose to birth.

if you have had a troubled birth before – this is your opportunity to run it very differently.

The healing will happen pre birth with the ministrations of  helper.

If a C section is planned/expected, you still here have the tools for a safe easy end of pregnancy without pain or structural treatments needed – as he can soothe away all stress and tension himself – and in addition you can do the same for him as all can experience  looser back and freedom from tension.

Turn any possible birth problem around.

Why spend money on specialists to monitor – when dad can do so much (clinically proven techniques from my busy obstetric practice available to all)?

Easy Babies Set – Birthing contains: