Complete Pregnancy/Birthing Care pack (e-version)


  • What Dads Can Do eBook,
  • Massage demonstration mp4 &
  • Birthing mp4

Get Heather’s definitive guide to women’s health, pregnancy, birthing and beyond with the Massage mp4 PLUS Heather’s Birthing mp4

It all works!

Regardless of your situation – you will find the answer.
Simple, natural, safe and instant.

Really designed as the ‘glove box’ manual for a woman’s body – at any stage of life – as a go to problem solving handbook – it all works!!!

Not just for pregnancy and birthing – but all after baby (and pre baby) work – as the pelvis/sacrum is the core to all a woman’s body and business – and is so easily helped with loving intentions/attentions.

A comprehensive guide for Dads-to-be, or support people – be they acupuncturists who want to know how to use their principles in practical body work for all, doulas/midwives or friends of anyone with problems – not even pregnant!! – encouraging action in all aspects of women’s health, pregnancy and birthing areas.

Designed with the pregnant, or attempting to become pregnant couple in mind. It is also an alternative life manual that encompasses pregnancy and all aspects of maternity. Comes with a how-to-massage mp4! And a Birthing MP4 for those who think that the essence is in the last few weeks – start at least there!! This Birthing MP4 includes instructions on the undoing of all late stage aches and pains and how to prepare for easy birthing. lactation and an easy transition into parenthood for both of you. . .

Complete pregnancy with this highly effective birth preparation for couples.

On the Birthing mp4 you will find:

  • Learn how using moxa (an Asian health aid/herbal technique, safe and effective) and simple massage/acupressure can transform the birthing journey.
  • Get instant relief from all late pregnancy aches and pains – including back pain, carpal tunnel, pubic symphysis and sciatica – all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn what to do in labour to effectively become her epidural.
  • Support her in practical ways – besides preparing for easy birthing, encourage the correct positioning of baby – even turn a breech baby, encourage baby to ‘drop’, enhance placental circulation to assist fetal growth and birthing readiness, and how to increase her milk supply.

This massage mp4 shows how easy it is to make a huge difference in maternal comfort and in  birthing outcomes. Dad how to change her state leading into an easy labour and ecstatic birth.

All through doing what will just flow and come naturally – through your own healing touch.

Whilst this is an entertaining look at the nature of pain, and how we can change our relationship to it, Birthing – What Dads Can Do mp4 is equally useful for unlocking blocked sexual energy, and assisting all period and infertility problems.