Easy Birthing Preparation

easy_birth_preparation-3dA very special form of childbirth education – remove all tensions and upsets to become as clear a birthing mammal as possible – so baby just slips out.

Maybe as an ecstatic birth – some women do – why not you? Your body can loosen with your lover’s/partner’s (baby’s dad’s) healing touch . . .

Both of you get to become more intimate through working with your luscious ripening body as it transitions into being a mum.

Love your man!!

Get him to prepare you both for a happy bonded family birth and life.

Designed to help you have the natural birth that is best for both mum and bub, and to give as happy a beginning to parenting as possible. Want a natural birth? Prepare yourself for birthing!!! Just as you would if planning to run in a marathon – preparation is the key – not just hopefully showing up and going for it

Make sure! From encouraging baby into the most optimal birthing position (the other books in the package – help move bub from non optimal birthing positions – OP, breech or transverse) to an easy exit with safe and effective practical physical preparation.

For all dads or birth partners to loosen and relax Mum’s pelvis; to undo her stresses and tensions, so birthing is easy, and parenting baby is a dream.

This is also very useful to undo past birth or life traumas – as the massage and moxa releases and relaxes both of you.  Gain far more intimacy and lose all the aches and pains – be they back/neck or anywhere in your /body!

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