Easy Babies – Birthing


Easy Babies Birthing

eb3-birthingWhat an easy undisturbed birth?
As in running for a marathon – you can improve your chances of this through preparation. A simple, natural process – gentle couple work to help her to open up to the possibilities of an open pelvis and exceptional bonding with her man at birth – as she sinks totally into being present as he eases all troubles away with his massage touch –  and baby as s/he emerges into your arms – wherever you choose to birth.

if you have had a troubled birth before – this is your opportunity to run it very differently.

The healing will happen before the next birth with a helper.
get the eBook package and get the step-by – step instructions – seen in part here – and read the stories of those how have been helped – and how and why . .

If a C section is planned/expected, you still here have the tools for a safe easy end of pregnancy without pain or structural treatments needed – as he can soothe away all stress and tension himself – and in addition you can do the same for him as all can experience  looser back and freedom from tension.

Turn any possible birth/body/life problem around.
Practical birth preparation – including how to get bub in optimal fetal position – as part of this eBook pack (the real reason you may ‘need an induction’ – a baby who is not in the optimal spot within- head down – yes – but not facing mum’s right side . . bub’s back on her left) – find out what to do to change this to easy birthing territory . .

Here part of what you will find on the Birthing MP4
Explains so much easier when in front of you – and read the stories of those whose lives and births were turned around – so simply at home with this inspiring easy and safe information – at YOUR fingertips!!!

Why spend money on specialists to monitor – when dad can do so much (clinically proven techniques from my busy obstetric practice available to all)?

Easy Babies Set – Birthing contains:

As all need to know . .

  • Healthy Eating in pregnancy – simple natural eating
  • Cold Invades Your Body How life sets you up for trouble and how you can reduce /avoid the low thyroid/metabolism and all that pain that comes with using ice and cold from its apparent therapeutic effect. (Never use ice on a woman – esp not at or after birthing and not ever on her breasts – if you  want them to work well – and don’t want mastitis and other troubles – read it and find our how and why the physio/ midwife and doctors all have this crucial point so very wrong – heat is needed always!!!

For birthing itself . . .

  • Fetal Positioning Solutions How to reposition baby for easy exit
  • Breech Solutions How to simply go back to easy birthing likelihood
  • Easy Birth Preparation Use dad to be your epidural!
  • Prepare to open your pelvis naturally – through his tender ministrations leading up to the magic moment you both meet your precious new loved one.

In case you are in pain also – at any time in pregnancy

Just out of interest – unless you have GD – or/and are interested in undoing your own or others’ birth/life trauma – at no extra cost /