Breech Solutions

breech_solutions 3dThis book will be valuable especially if you have been told that your baby has settled into a non-optimum birthing position.

The title of the book is Breech Solutions, but it also encompasses any position – transverse and OP (babies back of head facing your back – Occipital Posterior) or anything – the possibility of herpes outbreaks, going overdue and needing an induction: whatever you worry about – that may interrupt the possibilities of normal birthing as seen through the eyes of current obstetric medicine.

Thus if you started this book due to baby being breech, by looking at the two women’s’ stories at the end of the book, you may be able to see yourself in there and you may be able to understand why it is that doing everything ‘right’ has not, and may not, work – we sometimes need to break down what we see as ’normal’ and go for the goal, not the way it should look to get there, or even what is usually done about the journey.

Sample pages:

moxa_in_pregnancy pp 4-5