Birthing DVD

Birthing – What Dads Can Do (DVD)

Available also as a downloadable MP4
Complete pregnancy with this highly effective birth preparation for couples.

  • Learn how using moxa (a Chinese herbal technique, safe and effective) and simple massage /acupressure can transform the birthing journey.
  • Get instant relief from all late pregnancy aches and pains – including back pain, carpal tunnel, pubic symphysis and sciatica – all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn what to do in labour to effectively become her epidural.
  • Support her in practical ways – besides preparing for easy birthing, encourage the correct positioning of baby – even turn a breech baby, encourage baby to ‘drop’, enhance placental circulation to assist fetal growth and birthing readiness, and how to increase her milk supply.

This massage DVD shows how easy it is to make a huge difference in maternal comfort and in  birthing outcomes. Dad how to change her state leading into an easy labour and ecstatic birth.

All through doing what will just flow and come naturally – through your own healing touch.

Whilst this is an entertaining look at the nature of pain, and how we can change our relationship to it, Birthing – What Dads Can Do DVD is equally useful for unlocking blocked sexual energy, and assisting all period and infertility problems.


“Heather Bruce, naturopath and acupuncturist, says that pain is an indication of blockages (emotional/physical) and that the whole idea behind involving men in the birthing process and ensuring that the lines of communication remain open between partners is to minimise the blockages which may to a painful birth.

Too often, men are made to feel excluded from the process of having a baby. Heather believes that men have a very important role to play in supporting their partners throughout pregnancy and in labour itself.

This DVD discusses how that supportive role can be achieved and why it is so vital that women go into birth cleansed of emotional baggage so that they can open up to the new life waiting to emerge into the world.

This is a hands-on presentation which will make many men, who can feel a bit helpless when it comes to understanding what their partner is going through, more comfortable and involved.—Informed Voice, October 2005

Thoughts from those who have used this DVD:

Penny says – From a life of constant back pain so severe I was in a wheelchair, using the fast and easy moxa and massage techniques in this DVD, before starting the last pregnancy and all through it, my husband was able to help me sail through the last pregancy pain free, with an easy quick labour that stunned me after how awful tthe others were!!

Lucy says—
Heather’s Birthing DVD was very helpful for getting my partner’s hands on track! He was able to follow the directions clearly and I now have no back/hip pain and am looking forward to birthing very soon. The DVD is totally practical and is the ideal gift for every woman planning to give birth.

Nick says—
Heather’s Birthing DVD was very engaging and I found the step by step format easy to follow so that my partner and baby will have a more caring, loving birth. I felt part of the process physiologically and emotionally and I enjoyed feeling the receptivity with my partner’s release and relaxation. Being able to melt that tension away, gave me courage and confidence that the birth will go well because of the prior efforts we have made in order to support the mother in a very therapeutic way.

Camille says—
I met you when my baby was breach, but as he had turned you gave us the information on the massage techniques and all the remedies for an easier birth – I have to tell you – you were right, that my baby would ” fall out”. I started having contractions at 6am, got to the hospital at 7.30am and had him at 8am. It was so quick, drug free and no stitches. SO THANK YOU. He was a big bub, 9lb 3oz.

‘Birthing – What Dad Can Do’ DVD can be purchased as part of the “What We Can Do” kit, or alone. Also as an MP $ – click here for instant download ($10). All you neeed to now about easy birthing ad the preparation to make her life and back and body simple to live in. (And sex more enjoyable as it is a great pelvic opener for or more than birthing).

When sold in hard copy, comes with a moxa stick: posted to wherever you are.

The ‘Birth Preparation’ eBook package precedes your physical shipment, and is instantly downloaded to get you started.