Complete Pregnancy/Birthing Care pack

Invaluable pregnancy and birthing and beyond resource – how to look after yourself so you are totally well and vibrantly happy all through the pregnancy and make the best baby possible – all with his help!! Fingertips are the best . .

What you get:

wdcd-on-deskWhat Dads Can Dohardcover 269 page book
Heather’s What Dads Can Do – the definitive guide to women’s health, pregnancy, birthing and beyond with the Massage DVD that is inside the back cover

massage_dvdMassage DVD

An instructional DVD on the use of massage throughout pregnancy and birth preparation.



moxa-sticks2 moxa sticks

Essential tools to undo blockages



Birthing-WDCD-coverHeather’s “Birthing” DVD

Making baby and then bringing baby out – together it is a dance of love – make it so – here are your instructions – undo all blockages in her pelvic area and baby will then have an easy time coming out!!
No pain needed – just loving preparation for several weeks or months before hand – along with the tender loving care that such intimacy will bring.

Now also available here for immediate download

(without the moxa sticks)